We DO NOT breed to have blue eyed Siberians, as many breeders do. We breed to have a few litters a year of QUALITY Siberians in conformation, health, and temperament. We feel that puppies should be chosen on temperament, health, and overall quality & conformation rather than the color of their eyes, as this is how we choose any puppy/adult that is brought into our program. If eye color is a deciding factor, we will try to accommodate you. However, we have very few blue eyed puppies.

General Questions (8)

What are your hours?
We do not have set “hours”. We are not a “business” that is open all day like Wal-Mart. This is a hobby and a labor of love for our family. We are available by appointment only. If you are planning to come pick out or pick up a puppy, an appointment MUST be made.
Do you have a waiting list?
Yes, we do. We accept deposits to be on our waiting list. Those with deposits will get first pick on puppies born in our upcoming litters. Please note that deposits are non-refundable. Deposits will not placed on certain litters, but just on upcoming litters in general. Deposits cannot be placed if a certain eye color is required. To view our waiting list policy details about how it works, click here.
What does co-owning mean?
Any puppy placed with Full AKC registration for the purposes of breeding or showing will be co-owned. This means that while you are the physical owner of the puppy, I remain on the paperwork as an owner as well. A co-owned up cannot be bred, sold, or transferred without both owners signing off on the action. I do this in order to protect my puppies and my bloodlines.
If I place a deposit on a puppy and change my mind, can I have it back?
No. Deposits are non-refundable. We also do not switch deposits for reasons such as eye color or coat color. We ask that you please make sure you want this specific puppy BEFORE you send your deposit to us to hold it for you.
What forms of payments do you take?
We accept personal checks for deposits only. Personal checks are not accepted for the balance. When you pick your puppy up, we prefer that you bring the total in cash, however we do accept Visa and Mastercard as well. If you are having your puppy shipped, the balance is due before the shipping date, via Visa and Mastercard unless a personal check has been sent at least 2 weeks in advance. All puppies must be paid in full before leaving. No exceptions.
Do you take payment plans?
We occasionally do allow payments to be made, however the puppy MUST be paid in full before it goes home with you. This means that you can send payments on a younger puppy and have it paid in full by the time it is ready to go, or you can place a deposit on an puppy that is ready to go now or soon ready to go, and we will hold him/her for you until the total is paid. Alternately, you can place the total on a Visa or Mastercard and make payments to your credit card company. If the puppy reaches 12 weeks of age and still has not been paid in full or picked up, a daily fee is charged to cover the cost of shots, de-wormings, food, and care.
Do you have a contract?
What does AKC limited registration mean?
AKC limited registration is given out to all puppies, unless otherwise requested. All this means is that your puppy is still registered with the AKC, however you cannot use him/her for breeding or showing. If you want your Siberian puppy as a pet only, limited registration is perfect for your family. If you plan on showing or breeding, we do offer full AKC registration to approved homes. Full registration is available at an additional cost, and the prefix “Lauradales” is added to the name of ALL puppies placed with full registration. Full registration must be approved BEFORE a deposit is placed and is only available on a co-ownership agreement. Once a deposit is placed, if you change your mind there is no guarantee that breeding rights will be approved.

Post-Adoption Questions (5)

What food will my puppy be eating when I pick him/her up?
We feed Diamond Naturals Chicken & Rice Formula adult dog food. It does not contain the fillers of some foods, such as wheat, corn, and soy. It comes in a tan & orange bag. All puppies leave eating Diamond Naturals Chicken & Rice Formula adult food as well. This is because Siberians have very delicate digestive systems, and cannot handle all the milk & whey found in puppy food. Many Siberian Husky books written by authorities on the breed will tell you the same. If you plan on switching the food, your puppy should stay on a good quality adult food, and it should be mixed gradually over a period of a few weeks to keep from upsetting your puppy’s stomach.
Can I see your dogs when I come to pick up my puppy?
By recommendation of our state dog warden and our vet, we do not allow anyone in our kennel area. This is because you can bring in fatal diseases, such as Parvo and the K-9 virus. Our local humane society had all their animals wiped out a few years ago from someone bringing in the Parvo virus when they went to look at an animal. We have this rule in place to protect not only our adults, but also our puppies. Due to this, we have many photos of the inside and outside of our kennel posted on our website, along with numerous photos of the parents of our puppies.
Can I pick my puppy out in person?
Yes, as long as the puppies you are looking are at least 8 weeks of age. We do not allow anyone to handle puppies younger than 8 weeks, as they have not had their first shots yet and are not protected against Parvo. If you choose to wait until 8 weeks to pick out a puppy, you can choose from the puppies that are still available at that time, if there are any. If you are coming to pick out or pick up your puppy, an appointment must be scheduled. We are not open 24/7, and we are not open without an appointment.
Can I wait to see what eye color the puppies have before I pick one?
Yes, you can. Actually, if eye color is a deciding factor, we will not accept a deposit until eye color can be determined. However, you will only be able to pick from the puppies that are still available, if any are at that time. If you have your heart set on a certain puppy and eye color is not important, we can take a deposit to hold it for you at any age. Keep in mind that even after 4 – 5 weeks of age, when eye color can generally be determined, we cannot guarantee eye color on young puppies because it can continue to change.
Do you ship/deliver puppies?
We will no longer be offering air shipping of our puppies.  You would be able to fly into our airport and we can help you make accomidations to take your puppy home with you, or you are welcome to drive to us to pick your puppy up. In some instances, we may be willing to meet new puppy owners part way, for an additonal fee, as long as we do not have shows scheduled for those dates.
When was my puppy born/ready to go?
Your puppy’s date of birth will be posted on the “Nursery” page and the page with photos of the litter. This page is also where you will find the date your puppy is ready to go.
Can my puppy go home with me before the date posted?
No. Not only is it state regulation, but it is our personal rule as well. All puppies are available to go to their new homes AFTER they are 8 weeks of age, and not a day sooner.

General Puppy Questions (5)

Which puppies are available?
All puppies are available unless “RESERVED” is written under their photos. To make it easier, we also write “AVAILABLE” under any puppy that is currently still available for adoption. If you have a certain puppy in mind, please include it’s “codename”, which will be in larger letters at the top of their photos.
How much are your puppies?
Prices are always written on the litter’s photo page, along with other information. Pricing varies according to litter, and whether the puppy is being placed with AKC limited or full registration. Full registration must be approved BEFORE a deposit is placed. Once a deposit is placed, if you change your mind there is no guarantee that breeding rights will be approved. Breeding rights are only available on co-ownership.
I saw puppies in the paper for $250. Why are yours so much more?
Quality. When we bring in a new bloodline, money is no object. We have paid up to $2,500 for ONE puppy, just to bring in the lines that we offer in our breeding program. We have spent an immeasurable amount of our money to bring in lines that not only have champions, but produce show quality, healthy puppies, and have traveled all over the United States to do so. In addition, we take the extra time and effort to make sure our puppies get off to a good start when going to their new homes, along with the money it takes to keep our Siberians healthy and happy. Few people realize that being a true breeder is a labor of love, and very few breeders are able to make ANY money. They do this for the love of the breed, as we do. Therefore, our puppies are priced accordingly.
What do your puppies come with?
Our Siberians come with AKC limited registration. Breeding rights are available at an additional charge to approved homes on a co-ownership agreement. They also come with a 2 year health guarantee, along with all age appropriate shots. We keep our puppies de-wormed regularly from birth as well. They come with a shot/worming record, AKC paperwork, signed 2 year health guarantee, a “gallon” sized bag of the food they have been eating, and a collar and leash. All paperwork will be explained when the puppy is picked up.

Breeding Questions (2)

I want a puppy out of ____. Can you breed him/her soon?
We encourage you to view photos of our adults. However, we do not plan our breedings around what a certain person wants. We study the pedigrees and plan our breedings on which parents will produce puppies that will have the best temperaments and show potential. When we consider a mating, we mate a sire and dam that we would consider keeping a puppy from ourselves. Not to produce a certain eye color or coat color. We also do not over-breed our adults. No puppy/juvenile is bred before the age of 2. Furthermore, females have ONLY one litter per year.
Can I see pictures/pedigrees of the parents?
Photos of both parents are provided on our “Nursery” page. If you are having trouble finding them, please let me know and I will e-mail them to you directly. Please contact me for pedigree information.


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