Lauradale’s Siberians Show Results


Lauradale’s Siberians Show Results

Lauradale's Siberians Show Results

Ribbonage from March 22nd & 23rd

Weekend of March 22nd & 23rd.

What an awesome weekend Lauradale’s Siberians had in the show ring!  We went out this weekend mainly as a “practice” event. We took 4 Siberians with us, Moleigh, Tink, Roman, & Token.  We weren’t expecting much, because all 4 are young, and none of them have had any ring experience yet.  We wanted to see how each of them reacted to the noise, crowd, strange people going over them, and being in close quarters with unfamiliar dogs before we decided on a show schedule for this year.  We were very pleasantly surprised!

Lauradale's Siberians Show Results

Group, Best of Breed, and Best of Winners ribbons from March 22nd & 23rd.

While we didn’t finish anyone this weekend,Roman and Tink are only a few points away from obtaining their UKC championship titles, and have all their competition wins completed.   Token and Moleigh are also UKC pointed.

Saturday Roman took Best of Winners, and Best of Breed in both shows, also winning Group 3 in the first show and Group 4 in the second show.




Sunday Token took Best Of Winners, Best Of Breed, and Group 3 in the first show, and Tink took Best of Winners, Best of Breed, and Group 2 in the second show.

We all had so much fun, and I am so proud of my 4 bred by dogs, not only for doing so well this weekend, but for behaving so well at their very first show.   I am also very proud of my cousin, Elizabeth, who went with me to help handle these four.    We switched back and forth as needed, but Elizabeth took Best Female with Moleigh on Saturday, and handled Token through his wins all the way into the group ring on Sunday.  This was Elizabeth’s first time showing as well!

I’d also like to extend a special thank you to the four judges from this weekend, all of whom were very welcoming, friendly, and had such wonderful things to say about our Siberians.    It was a pleasure showing to each of you, and thank you for making the first time out for our 4 Siberians fun.

Thank you to Judge Sandy Shaw for awarding Roman with Best Of Breed & Group 3 on Saturday! 

Thank you to Judge Kathie Treacy for awarding Roman with Best Of Breed & Group 4 on Saturday! 

Thank you to Judge Ann MacKay for awarding Token with Best of Breed and Group 3 on Sunday! 

Thank you to Judge Maureen Gargan for awarding Tink with Best of Breed and Group 2 on Sunday! 

We also managed to get some great photos taken, and we can’t wait to share them with you once the photographer sends them to us! For now, I hope these candids will do! =)

Lauradale's Siberians Show Results

Tink, waiting for ring time, looking beautiful. <3

Lauradale's Siberians Show Results

Tink & Moleigh, waiting for ring time

Lauradale's Siberians Show Results

All groomed up and napping.

Lauradale's Siberians Show Results

Token was a little nervous on Saturday, but by Sunday he was over it and feeling much happier. He even took Best of Breed and Group 3 on Sunday!

Lauradale's Siberians Show Results

Since Token was a little nervous on Saturday (being in a big, noisey crowd with so many strange dogs will do that to you sometimes!) we left him up on the table instead of letting him nap in his crate after grooming. He enjoyed everyone that came over to talk to him!

Lauradale's Siberians Show Results

In case you weren’t aware, being a show dog is very difficult work… Its hard to get brushed, pampered, and have treats shoved in your face all day. LOL


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