Looking Back… Showing Our Siberians


Looking Back… Showing Our Siberians

Looking Back... Showing Our SiberiansLooking Back... Showing Our Siberians

I’ve been thinking a lot about my mom lately, so I thought I would share a few photos with all of you. Both are of Joker & I. The first is a puppy match when he was 4 months old, the 2nd was our first AKC show together, going Reserve Winners Dog out of the Bred By Exhibitor Class at 1 year old.

The photos are pretty poor quality, taken with a cell phone. But they are very special to me, because these were the only two shows my mother attended with me.

Mom had been telling me she thought I should start showing for years, and for years I allowed my nerves get the best of me and I put it off. It wasn’t until Joker came along that I started seriously thinking about it. I don’t know what it was about him, but since the day he was born something about this boy just pulled at me heartstrings and I knew he was going to be my partner.

Unfortunately, by putting off bringing our Siberians to the ring, I unknowingly decreased the amount of time my mother would be able to attend shows with me, due to her 2 year battle with cancer. As it was, the shows she did attend she had to do so in her wheelchair.

2014 was our first year of real showing, and we have accomplished so much! This handsome boy has taken me to 21 Best of Breed wins and 21 Group placements, along with quite a few turns in the Best in Show ring. Together, we earned two Reserve Breeder Owner Handler Best In Show awards among very competitive lineups. For most of 2014, Joker was ranked the #1 Siberian Husky in UKC, and if my calculations are correct, he will have finished the year as the #2 Siberian.


Looking Back... Showing Our SiberiansWhile Joker isn’t the only Siberian we showed last year, he is the dog we campaigned above all our others, and I’m so incredibly proud of him, especially knowing that the mating that produced him was one my mother and I were both extremely excited about.




I know that my mom has been watching her beloved Siberians this year, and has been cheering us on.  A few days before she passed, she ordered me a beautiful necklace & bracelet for Christmas, that I now wear to ever show we attend.  It feels like she is there with me.


Looking Back... Showing Our SiberiansA few months ago, my dad & I received this receipt for a pizza we ordered after we got back to our hotel at the end of a long day of showing.  My mother had never stayed in that area, she had no account with this pizza place, and the credit card and cell phone were in my dad’s name that we ordered with.  Yet, this is what receipt said when our pizza arrived.



Looking Back... Showing Our SiberiansAfter she passed, I was able to get “Always thankful”, a phrase she used quite often in her diary, tattooed on my wrist in her handwriting. I can’t tell you how often I have used this as inspiration this last year, and was even touched to have the opportunity to explain it’s meaning to several judges while taking win photos with them.




Looking back, I wish things had ended up differently, and that she was able to attend shows with  me now. I know she would have absolutely loved it. But I am so thankful for everything she did, and all the work she put in to giving me these gorgeous dogs to take into the ring.


Looking Back... Showing Our SiberiansLooking Back... Showing Our SiberiansLooking Back... Showing Our SiberiansLooking Back... Showing Our Siberians

Show Photos From Our 2014 Show Season – Joker & I.

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  1. What a beautiful story you have told about an amazing woman. Yes, she is very proud of you and she is sending you signs that she is watching. You keep up the great work you are doing with showing the dogs. Someday you will be in that big ring that the whole world watches and she will be smiling down saying that’s my daughter!

  2. Laura, that is a beautiful tribute. Your mom is looking down smiling. She is so proud of you and Joker. I lost my mom in October 2013 and it is one of the hardest things ever. Please know she will send you signs, like the receipt and believe. Look for them every where. Best to you, Susan

  3. I bought a couple huskies from you and you mom years ago. Your mom was a wonderful women that I got to know through the huskies. I am so sorry to hear of her passing. You were just a young teenager back when I was there last. I bought an all white female that I called spirit. She passed away from congestive heart failure this winter. Your dogs truly were wonderful, well socialized animals. I know your mom is proud to see you carry on the love she felt for her ‘brood’. Take care and god bless.

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