Meet Rozlin – Agouti Siberian Husky at Lauradale’s Siberians


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Lauradales Russian Roulette.  Better known as “Rozlin”.   This girl is simply stunning!  Rozlin is an agouti Siberian Husky.

For those who are doubtful because “Huskies only come in black”… (There is so much wrong with that statement, by the way), Rozlin is purebred and AKC registered.    While rare, agouti is an accepted coat color in the breed.

Agouti’s coats are different from that of other dogs, in that the hairs are banded, alternating between light and dark. This helps to give the dog its “wolf -like” appearance. Agouti’s usually have heavy markings or dark faces as well.

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Rozlin is a 2 year old female, who at 8 weeks made the trek all the way from California to be a part of our program! What a cute puppy she was! But that doesn’t even compare to how beautifully she has matured! She has exceeded our expectations, and blossomed into a truly amazing young female.

She is CERF clear, meaning her eyes are free of hereditary defects.

As if her unique looks weren’t enough, Rozlin has an outstanding temperament. Don’t let her “scary”appearance fool you. She’s a big baby, who just loves giving kisses to everyone she sees.

Rozlin will also be modeling for a fashion shoot with Glessner Photography, of Windber Pa, later this year. We were very excited to be given the opportunity to collaborate with this talented photographer, and look forward to working with him!

Rozlin has not been used in our program yet, however we do plan on having a winter/spring litter with this gorgeous girl!  Stay tuned for updates on her, visit ourwebsite, and “Like” us on Facebook!

    • Tanya,
      I actually just had a litter born with agouti puppies. Please fill out our puppy application and email it to me if you are still interested in adopting a puppy from us.

  1. I am very interested in purchasing an agouti husky puppy and was curious as to if you had any available or are exprcting?

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