Registered name: Mo Jo IV


Coat color: Red & white


Eye color: Blue eyes




Mojo is a homebred boy. 


When Walt Disney called us in the fall of 2004, we were ecstatic. Within 2 weeks, we had a trainer from Birds & Animals Unlimited (The animal trainers for Walt Disney) come out to look at our dogs. They picked a few of them and took them to a local restaurant called the Oakhurst Tearoom and worked with each dog for about 20 minutes on long leads to see how they reacted with other people and unfamiliar surroundings. After we were done, they said “We’ll be in touch.” We thought “Yeah right, we’ll never hear back from them”.


Two weeks later, we received a phone call. They said “We want Mojo and Sir Prize.” Mojo ended up being one of their favorites as they said he had “attitude”. He is a very loving dog and enjoys being around people, but when he wants to do something, he dares you to try and stop him.


They also called another local kennel. Out of her all her Siberians, they picked two as well. Both were born here at Lauradale’s Siberians. Their names are Chase and Dakota.


Our dogs boarded a plane at the Pittsburg International Airport and flew out to California, where they stayed until they could be cleared for flight up to Van Couver, in British Columbia. They also flew to Greenland to do some of the scenes.


Mojo and Chase played backup for each other as Truman. Each dog in the sled team had a backup (some had more then one backup), as the Animal Rights people would only let each dog work a certain amount of time.


After Eight Below came out, Mojo & Sir Prize made many appearances all over Pennsylvania & some of Maryland to “Meet & Greet” their fans. They have been to movie theaters, pet shops, grooming shops, schools, and preschools.  


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 Mojo is retired from our breeding program and lives in North Carolina with my brother and his family now.



Eight Below


mojo 4mojo 2 mojo 6

Photos from the Eight Below set!



mojo 7 

Sir Prize (left) and Mojo (right) waiting to greet their fans!

mojo 11

Mojo chilling in North Carolina!