My mother, Lorraine Barron


Lorraine Barron, Recorder Of Deeds

My Mom lived an amazing life.   I know, everyone says that about a loved one when they pass. They talk about how much they will be missed, and how loved they were.  But my Mother… well, she was different.

In 2011, my Mother, Lorraine Barron, was elected as the Recorder of Deeds for Somerset County. She served in the office for 24 years prior to being elected.   Becoming the Recorder was a dream of hers. I can remember when I was just a little girl, she used to talk about how much she wanted to run for the Recorder’s office in the future.   We are so grateful that she was able to achieve her dream.

Mom loved her office.  She truly did.  She was diagnosed with cancer 2 year ago, and throughout her fight, she continued to work.  Not just here and there, when she felt like it. Mom was in her office every day that she could possibly go.  She would go into work in the morning, leave for radiation treatments, and then go back to work. She worked her chemo schedule around her office time.   Many times, her doctors would ask her what she was doing after she left their appointment. Her answer? “I’m going back to work!”

Through 2 years, 2 surgeries, 2 rounds of radiation and all her chemo treatments, she was at her office. She went back to work before she was cleared by her doctor to do so, after having surgery on her leg and her lungs. At one appointment, upon hearing that she was still working in her condition, her doctor stated that he wished he could “bottle her enthusiasm”.    When so many people with cancer would have given up or retired, she kept fighting, and kept working through it all. Why? Because my Mother was strong; because she found great joy in her work, and took great pride in her office. She was so dedicated to her job that she even went to work Monday and Tuesday, before passing away on Friday of the same week.

In the past week, I have come to the realization that my Mother lived her life by two simple words.  “Always thankful”. Not only was this phrase sprinkled throughout her journals… but it truly exemplifies her.   Every single day, she was thankful.  No matter how bad her day was, she found the good in it. Even before she became ill, this was my Mother.  And after she became ill, she didn’t complain. Not once, thought all her treatments and procedures. She woke up the next day, and just thankful for that day. My Mother was an inspiration. Not just to me, but to everyone who knew her.

always thankful tattoo

I now have the words “Always thankful” tattooed on my wrist, in my mom’s handwriting.

I used to complain; I used to tell her that she was too nice to people who didn’t deserve her kindness. But really, she was just being the wonderful person she always has been. You could have said the most hurtful thing possible to her, and she would have still found the good in you. I know now that I need to strive to be more like her, and less cynical. Because even the person you dislike the most has good in them.

Eight Below Siberian Huskies

Not only was Mom a beloved Somerset County office holder, but for the past 19 years she has dedicated her life to our wonderful breed.  My family started raising Siberians in 1994, and she has been so proud of our dogs. Check our Hall Of Fame page for some of our proudest moments with our Siberians. My Mother put so much time and energy into our program, and is shows.  Before she got sick, she used to go into the office, and after work we would both go to the kennel and spend our evening caring for, and loving on our Siberians, adults and puppies. She worked tirelessly to ensure that every puppy produced was well bred, well loved, and healthy.

On Monday, I was keeping watch as Siren’s litter came into the world.  It was very hard to realize that no longer will my Mother be keeping this watch with me.   But as hard as it was, I know one thing for certain.  Each puppy born here is part of her legacy.  Each new life a product of her hard work, dedication, and love over the past 19 years. Without her efforts in our program, none of these little miracles would be possible. Through each puppy born at Lauradale’s Siberians, my Mother’s legacy and love for her breed will live on.


  1. That was beautiful. Your Mom absolutely will be keeping watch over all of you, along with every puppy born, and every dog that goes on to heaven. Your mom is up above with all the past dogs, and waiting with open arms for all those to come. I never met your mom, and have only dealt with you through purchasing a puppy, but I can see a lot of what you talk about in your mom, in you also. You seem to strive for the best in everything, and do in fact touch lives through your puppies. I know you’ve heard it a million times, but if there is anything we can do to help out, please let us know. We are forever thankful for the hole you filled in our hearts by allowing us to have Nahla in our family. Many hugs and positive thoughts coming to you and your family at this time.

  2. Your mom was a strong person. She did find good in everything and everyone. Always thankful is perfect words ,because she was Always thankful even at her weakest! I know I will try to be more thankful in my life,even if its little things.I’m grateful for all she has done for me and my family.I will never forget her.

  3. I love your tribute to your Mother. She would be so proud of the things you said about her,
    and you can be sure that she will still keep a watch on the newborn puppies.
    She was a fantastic friend of mine, growing up in Bakersville. She made me laugh more often
    than not.
    I will miss her friendship, but I’m sure we will meet again.
    Deepest sympathy Laura & family

  4. Laura,
    I did not know your mom personally, but I did know her through your aunt Gail, who became a good friend of mine in 2004. She has told me so many stories about your wonderful family and over the past two years about your moms fight against her cancer. She was a wonderful and an extremely strong woman.
    This tribute to her is not only beautiful, but it is truly inspirational. I am so sorry that your family, Somerset, and the world has lost such a beautiful strong woman. I am thankful for the legacy she has left behind. I am sure she is smiling down from heaven today. I will continue to pray for you and your family. Deb

  5. Laura,
    Your words stir my heart through my tears. Your mom was so special – I count myself lucky to have met her, loved her and had the opportunity to be her friend. My dogs Max and Sadie are a constant reminder of her – a reminder I cherish. Her legacy lives on in you all – always thankful… My heart goes out to you – here for you. Sherron

  6. I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I am shocked and just cannot believe it…..she was an amazing strong woman and I felt such a bond with her when we would sit on the phone and talk about our future family member…..

  7. Laura,

    I am so very sorry to hear of your mother’s passing. She truly was a remarkable woman and we cherished the conversations we had with her and all her guidance and support when we adopted our husky babies – Bandit, Roscoe and Maya. I remember when Maya was born, your mom called me and said “I know you have two sweet boys from our kennel, but I know you wanted an all white female.” So, she sent me some pictures and we adopted Maya and added her to our pack. She was always so interested in the christian rock band my husband and I have as well.

    Please extend our condolences to your dad and entire family. And, we pray that God gives you strength, comfort and peace during this most difficult time. But, I am absolutely sure that Heaven has welcomed a beautiful angel named Lori and she is watching over all of you.
    Janet & Gary

  8. I loved reading this. What a beautiful tribute to your mom. I have no doubt she’s beaming with pride.

    My heartfelt sympathy to you, your family.

  9. I did not know her personally……but the fact , that part of her life was dedicated to those beautiful dogs……..I admire ………I talked to her once, a while back about the huskies……….then , by circumstance, not choice I became the owner of one……..there is a saying amongst lovers of this beautiful dog breed…….when they depart….they stand guard at the Northern Lights……….Praying for the family

  10. Your words have touched my heart. I am comforted to know that your Mom is in heaven with my Barney, Arnold, and Benji, and she will be there to greet my Nile when his time comes. My Siberian Huskies could not, and will not be in better loving and eternal care.

  11. I appreciated reading this tribute. I don’t come to the website often because of being so busy with the two dogs we have purchased from you!

    My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting your mom for a short minute and I am glad for that. Sounds like she was a wonderful person.

    In no small way can I say how much joy both of our dogs Riley and Zoey (and of course our little Rusty too) have been to our lives. Please do take care and thanks again for sharing a little bit of her with all of us. One person touches so many lives.

  12. I bought my Samsun Standstall Knight off your mom back in 1998… He just past away this summer and he was my baby… I’m so sorry about your mom, she was so nice… We came to your house 4 or 5 times before we were able to take him home… His fathers name was White Cloud, I still have all his papers… They are in the folder your mom have me… I’m so happy you are continuing what your mom started with those beautiful babies… I need to fill out a paper because I think I want a girl this time… And I want her to be grey in color with blue eyes… Thank you…

  13. So sorry to just now read of your moms passing. My mother passed away 5 months ago. We bought a puppy from you 10 years ago and I do remember your mothers bright personality. My siberians help ease the grief. Glad you are continuing the journey your mom began…

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