Registered name: Mystic Fireworks Display
Coat color: Red & white
Eye color: Bi-eyed

Mystic is a homebred male, and our very first show dog. He was shown a few years ago and did quite well. The only reason we stopped was because our handler, Sarah Barron, had to move away. Mystic is the father of Sir Prize. Mystic is living out a life of leisure as our personal pet and is no longer used for breeding. Even though he’s getting older he still prances and bounces around like he did when he was a pup. I believe he’s of the understanding that everyone else is aging except for him.

After 13 wonderful years with Mystic, passed away in October 2012. He will be greatly missed by the entire family. We were very blessed to have him in our lives!


mystic show pic

Mystic being shown by handler Sarah Barron.


mystic 02-05-10 5

Mystic, still a pup at 11 years old!