New Siberian Husky Puppy


Our New Siberian Husky Puppy

Meet Greige

New Siberian Husky Puppy

Isn’t she gorgeous?   Meet Greige, our beautiful new Siberian Husky puppy! Greige is from our 2013 litter between Dancer & Steel.

So, wondering what is up with the name yet? When we choose a call name for a new Siberian Husky puppy, we try to pick something unique that isn’t often heard.  A few days before my mom passed away, her & I were thinking about call names for a puppy from this litter.  My mom suggested “Greige”.  Its a combination between the words “grey” and “beige”.

new siberian husky puppy

For those who have been following little Greige since she was born, you know this name fits her!  When she was a newborn, we weren’t quite sure what color to call her.  For a few weeks, I thought our new Siberian Husky puppy was going to be sable, however now that she is older most of her red undertone has faded, leaving a gorgeous light silver coloring.

Before this litter was born, I had planned on keeping back at least one puppy for evaluation.  When we decide to keep a new Siberian Husky puppy, that puppy is considered as “under evaluation”.   We continue evaluating the puppy as it grows & matures. This gives us a chance to evaluate our program and make any changes if needed, and helps us to decide whether the new Siberian Husky puppy will be staying with us and become a new show prospect.

new siberian husky puppy

As Greige has grown these past 7 weeks, I have been very impressed with her. She is a lovely little girl, as we are proud to announce that we will be holding her back to evaluate her further, with the hopes that she will be in the show ring in the next year or two.

Right now, Greige’s registered name is still pending.  We will be keeping everyone updated on how she grows, and whether she will be staying here with us to continue on to a show career.   Greige is a half sister to Moleigh & Tink, two females that we kept from a spring litter sired by Steel.


new siberian husky puppy


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    • Brandy,
      If you read the post, you will see that Greige is staying with us. She is NOT available for adoption. Please fill out my puppy application if you are interested in a puppy.

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