Our Family

Lorraine & Dale:


Lorraine (Lorri) Barron works in the Recorder of Deeds office here in Somerset County. She won her election, and as of January 2012, is the new Recorder of Deeds! Lorraine has 3 children to a previous marriage. Crystal, Eric, and Bryan. All three are happily married.

Lorraine and Dale were married in February of 1991, and Laura was born in September of that year. Dale Barron has been a professional truck driver for 40 years now. He has two children to a previous marriage, Sheldon & Amy. Both are happily married. Between Lorraine & Dale’s 6 children, there are 14 grandchildren.

 In November ’13, Lorraine passed away after a 2 year battle with cancer. Please read my tribute blog post to my mother and her 19 years of dedication to our Siberians and our program.



Laura & Brendan:

Laura Brendan

Laura grew up with the Siberians since she was 3 years old, as her parents bought their first Siberians in 1994. Along with her love for these beautiful dogs, she also enjoys working with her horses. Laura does all the web design, as well and answers all the e-mails and phone calls.

In February of 2010, Laura’s boyfriend of 4 years, Brendan, proposed to her. A month later, they found out they were expecting, and in November  their son, Logan Pyle, was born. Laura & Brendan were married on May 14th, 2011. Their daughter, Addison, was born May 2012. Logan and Addison are 18 months apart and quite a handful! Brendan currently works as a welder. Ledger, another son,  came along in September 0f 2016.

Although everyone has full time jobs, we all pitch in in the evenings and spend hours cleaning the kennel and caring for our gorgeous furry family. Below are some photos of us, so you can get to know our family further.




The picture above was taken in 2006, by our local newspaper in mid- February when 4 dogs born at our kennel starred in the Walt Disney movie Eight Below.

Laura's Senior Pictures with Misty

Laura’s Senior Pictures with Misty

Pyle family

Pyle Family 2017




Laura & Brendan

Laura & Brendan at age 4, in Crystals wedding as flower girl and ring bearer.

Laura & Brendan at age 4, in Crystals wedding as flower girl and ring bearer.

Laura & Dale

Logan, 2nd Birthday

Logan, 2nd Birthday

Logan & Addison, summer 2013

Logan & Addison, summer 2013

Addison, 1 year old

Addison, 1 year old


Ledger 1 Ledger 2

Ledger, 1 year old