Our interview – Lauradale’s Siberians


Our Interview – Lauradale’s Siberians


Last week I received an email from Mrs. Gilley, a 1st grade teacher at our local school. She explained that she was putting together a unit on genetics and inherited traits for her class, and asked if we would mind providing some information on our program and what we take into consideration when planning a mating.

Our Interview - Lauradale's Siberians

A few of our Siberians waiting to meet Mrs. Gilley for our interview!


Sunday, I invited Mrs. Gilley out to meet myself and some of our Siberians.   It was wonderful speaking with her, and giving her some information on the work that goes into planning a breeding.





Mrs. Gilley also asked if we could do a video interview, which she could show to her class in addition to photos and information I sent to her regarding how genetics effect our program, and what inherited traits we look for.   In the video, I explained that our program takes structure, temperament, and health very seriously, and when we are planning a mating, these are the things we look for and strive to reproduce in our offspring.

In the end, we tried to keep it simple, as it was for 1st grade material.  Mrs. Gilley asked several question in our interview, including how our puppies look like their parents and how they differ, what we looked for when planning a mating, and how knowledge of inherited traits was used to predict how the offspring of two parents would turn out.

We decided to bring up Joker, Carbon, Rozlin, Draven, Tink, and Roman to meet Mrs. Gilley.  I felt that Joker & Carbon were a great example for her students especially, since they are half brothers.

Our Interview- Lauradale's Siberians


One example I gave her was our previous litter of reds.    This is a great example for two reasons.        1: With Siberians, two red parents will always produce 100% red offspring.   Another great example is that blue eyes are a recessive gene. Even though the sire of this litter is blue eyed and carries many blue eyes in his lines, every puppy in this litter was brown eyed.





Another example is how puppies look like their parents.   Our boy Romeo is a great example of a set “type” in offspring. Many of his puppies, especially the males, look very similar to each other and to him. Below are a few photo examples of Romeo & his offspring.


Our interview - Lauradale's Siberians


Romeo’s offspring: Maks, Joker, Carbon, Djoi, Chromeo, & Skorchee.

Our interview - Lauradale's Siberians

Our interview - Lauradale's SiberiansOur interview - Lauradale's SiberiansOur interview - Lauradale's SiberiansOur Interview - Lauradale's SiberiansOur Interview - Lauradale's Siberians


We were so thrilled to meet Mrs. Gilley and be given the opportunity to help her teach her kids about genetics and inherited traits, and how they are used in real world situations!


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  1. Loved the story of the first graders and their genetic lesson. We would like to come out and see the facility and bring you a deposit check. Not sure till we speak with you which pup we’ll take . we a most interested in a red male, taking him home in dec , if he’s ready. But we’ll probably. Fall in love with ANY of them.
    Can you call or e mail us so we can plan to see you this week?

    Thanks much
    Kate and Todd Wise 6103888655

  2. Hi There. Lost my girl Deshka 2 years ago, after a 13 year 2 month and three day inseparable relationship. I believe, I am finally ready. I live on the Trinity River in Northern Ca. and am coming back East on the 10th of December to see my terminally ill mom in Newbury CT. I would love to bring mom a new puppy to hold and love for a while. Mom moved back East just three weeks after Deshka passed. She was my moms best friend. I am looking to drive anywhere within 7 hours of Ct. in order to make this happen before this Christmas Day. My home and acreage in the Trinity Alps would be blessed with a new girl. Even if you have no female puppies available, do you know of any available elsewhere.. Sincerely, Capt. Armand

    • Good Morning,

      If you are interested in adopting a puppy from us, please fill out our puppy application. I do not check our comments often. Thank you!

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