In Memory Of Paul Walker, Eight Below movie star


In Memory Of Paul Walker, Eight Below movie star

In Memory Of Paul Walker, Eight Below movie star

In Memory Of Paul Walker, Eight Below movie starWe are deeply saddened to hear of the death of Paul Walker, so who starred in the Walt Disney movie Eight Below, as well as several other films, including the Fast & Furious movies.  Paul was 40, and passed away on November 30th, 2013 in a single car crash.

Rest in peace Paul.  Now I know I will have two wonderful people, Paul Walker and my Mother, to watch over our Siberians who have passed. When the time comes, I’m sure your furry co-stars will be running to greet him!

To find out more about the accident that took Paul’s life, visit:

Paul Walker starred in the movie Eight Below, alongside 4 Siberians born here at Lauradale’s Siberians. While we did not get to meet Paul personally, we were inspired by the bond he formed with the Siberians, both on and off set.

Mojo (Truman), Sir Prize (Dewey), Chase (Truman), & Dakota (Shorty) all starred in Eight Below.  Since each dog had to have one or two back ups to play each role, Mojo & Chase played back up for each other as Truman.    One interesting fact that many don’t realize is that while Mojo isn’t related, Sir Prize & Chase are actually half brothers.  In Eight Below, they were portrayed as brothers as well, called “The Twins”. We didn’t even realize that they were planning to do this until the movie came out. But it was a very nice touch!

In addition, we had no idea until the dogs came back that there were “make up artists” for the dogs. Since each dog had back ups to help portray a roll, they all had to look identical.  Mojo, Sir Prize, & Chase were all dyed darker, and Sir Prize’s markings were slightly altered and the “scar” painted in above his one eye.

Eight Below Siberian Huskies TrumanEight Below Siberian Huskies Dewey

On set photos of Mojo & Sir Prize, sent to us from the trainers.

When the previews for Eight Below started showing in 2007, several news stations came out and filmed Mojo & Sir Prize, and many articles were written for the local papers.   Mojo & Sir Prize even made appointments to “Meet & Greet” their fans, where we would go to the local theaters & schools so the children had a chance to meet “movie stars”. It was a wonderful experience, and we loved meeting the children and sharing our love for the Siberian Husky breed.

Below are scanned images of some of the articles that were written. Some may not be the best quality, as they have been cut out and saved since 2007.   Keep in mind all the articles use the name “Barron”, as that was my maiden name.

Eight Below Siberian Huskies Eight Below Siberian Huskies


Eight Below Siberian Huskies

eight below newspaper 2 Article & movie review

Eight Below Siberian Huskies

eight below newspaper 6 Two part article, including an interview with the actual trainer of Mojo, Sir Prize, Chase, & Dakota from the set of Eight Below.

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  1. What a wonderful way to pay tribute to such a wonderful actor. I love and hate the movie. I love that it is a true story and to see how the dogs fought to survive, but I hate knowing that a dog had to die. Every time it comes on I watch it and every time I cry like a baby when the dog dies. I guess that is what keeps me human. I wish i had the pleasure of meeting the Husky stars. They are amazing dogs. It says a lot about your breeding program if Disney picked you out of all the breeders out there. That is something to be very proud of and it makes me proud to own two of your amazing pup’s. They are my joy. I know all the hard work you put into every pup.

  2. My heart broke when Paul Walker died in a car accident. Am glad he was able to touch our lives. It was this film 8 Below which has always remind me of him, to be humble despite all the fame. Thank you for sharing your dogs for the film, a very inspiring one to this day. Paul Walker’s legacy will live on forever. God bless everyone and your huskies!!! Love their loyalty!!!

  3. Watched Eight Below yeaterday morning with daughter & grandson, a snow day here in Ohio.
    Such an emotional story and so sad about the loss of Paul Walker.
    Disney movies always safe watching for family members. The struggles and loss of the huskies may be too difficult for younger kids to see.
    Huskies are such beautiful animals and so vital to survival of those living in sub zero areas.
    We named my silver gray Ford Mustang after Mya, the lead sled dog. It turned out to be a tribute to Paul Walker and everyone involved in Eight Below.

  4. Paul Walker was my favorite actor and did so much to give back to his community and those in need. I am proud to be getting my Husky from Lauradale’s, as I know that Paul had such a strong love for these dogs!! Drive fast and drive free, Paul….we all miss you dearly <3

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