Puppies Available For Adoption Soon – Lauradale’s Siberian Husky Puppies

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Puppies Available For Adoption Soon - Lauradale's Siberian Husky Puppies

Lauradale’s Siberian Husky Puppies In Pennsylvania – Siren & Token

We know you have all been paitently waiting to see our newest litter of Siberian Husky puppies! And guess what, they’re almost here!  Siren’s puppies are due November 5th, and we are very excited to meet them!

Although we do have several names on our waiting list, there are still a few spots open, so there will be a few Siberian Husky puppies available for adoption from this litter!

The parents of this upcoming litter of puppies are Siren & Token.   Both parents are red & white Siberian Huskies, and this litter will only contain red & white Siberian Husky puppies. Genetically speaking, two reds bred together will ALWAYS produce only red & white puppies.

Please check out Siren & Token’s pages for additional photos of them! Both parents are gorgeous examples of the Siberian Husky breed in conformation, temperament, and health.

Siren is an excellent mother to her puppies, very attentive, patient, and nuturing.  This will be our first litter from Token, and we can’t wait to see how his puppies mature!   For those who have followed us, Token’s grandsire is Mystic, our very frist Siberian Husky show dog.

Remember to fill out our Puppy Application, which will help us to match you with your perfect Siberian Husky puppy!  And don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook for all kinds of posts on Siberian Huskies, and photos of our adults and puppies!

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  1. My son is friends with Cody Law. He told us that your puppies are very well cared for and healthy and that is the type of puppy we are looking for. We have been talking about getting a puppy for awhile and are now ready to adopt one. You can contact me through email or my cell 814-341-6251. We hope to hear from you. Barb Snedden

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