Puppy Application


Please copy and paste our puppy application into your email when contacting us, so that you can fill it out.   This application is to help us determine whether your home would be a good fit for one of our puppies, and which puppy you would be the best fit for.

1. Your name:

2. Contact information (Phone & E-mail):

3. Have you owned a Siberian before?

4. If not, have you researched the breed thoroughly?

5. Are you aware of their exercise requirements?

6. Remember, Siberians have high energy levels, and require plenty of exercise. Do you have time to properly care for a puppy right now?

7. Do you have a fenced yard, or plan on fencing in your yard?

8. Are you aware Siberians must be kept on a leash or in a fenced area at all times? They DO run.

9. Siberians are a vocal breed.  Some are more vocal than others, and depends on the individual dog. However, generally they will bark/howl. Is noise going to be an issue where you live?

10. a. Are you looking for a certain coat color or gender?

b. Is eye color a deciding factor?  Keep in mind we do not breed to produce blue eyed puppies.  We breed for quality puppies on conformation, temperament, and health. We feel these should be the deciding factors when adopting a new family member, not the color of it’s eyes.

11. What time frame are you looking to add a puppy to your family? Are you ready for a puppy now, or interested in information on upcoming litters?

12. We are in Somerset, Pennsylvania. Where are you located (city, state)?

13. Are you willing to drive to our home to pick up your puppy?

14. Are you interested in pet only, breeding, or showing?

15. If pet only, are you willing to spay/neuter?

16. Have you read over our Health Guarantee/Purchasing Agreement?

17. When we place a puppy in a new home, our intention is for it to be a FOREVER home.     If, at any time, our owners cannot keep their dog, we do REQUIRE the dog be returned to us for rehoming. This is part of our contract, and we take this very seriously.    We do not want one of our puppies to ever be placed in a shelter/rescue, and feel that we can provide the best possible rehoming experience for the puppy.      Will this be an issue for you?

18. Please tell us a bit about you/your family.



Thank you!

Laura Pyle

Lauradale’s Siberians