“Recently, we adopted a female Siberian from Laura and her family. At first, we were concerned because we live in Utah. We had never shipped a pet before, much less adopted one from a breeder on the other side of the United States. We talked with Laura for a few months and we were able to get a spot on her waiting list after deciding that she was the breeder for us. Once the puppies were born, we received updates constantly, along with great pics of the babies. All our questions were answered promptly, and Laura took care of all the shipping arrangements to make sure our baby arrived safe and sound. We could not be more pleased with our Husky, and are so glad we researched and found a reputable, responsible breeder to adopt a puppy from.”

Tammy Utah

“We adopted our Siberian many years ago from Lauradale’s Siberians. Our handsome boy is now in his senior years, and Laura’s family still continues to keep in touch with us.  He has been in perfect health since they day we picked him up at 8 weeks old. He gets compliments everywhere he goes, and we could not be happier with him.  Laura’s family truly cares about their Siberians, and that is evident when you speak to them, or view them with their puppies. We drove all the way from Maine just to pick him up because we were so impressed with the care they provide for their puppies and their breeding program. We cannot thank them enough for bringing so much happiness into our lives and our hearts.”

Jeremy Maine

“I lost my sweet Echo which was a Siberian Husky, the house was just to quiet and even though I had my loving dear Koda (Alaskan Malamute) the house was still empty of the loving antics a Siberian Husky offers, so my search began….. I searched many sites, and local ad’s with no luck, until I came across Lauradale’s Siberian’s and saw a picture of this little puppy sitting in the grass and grabbed not only my eye but my heart and I new I had to have him. I sent an email to Lauradale’s and with in no time my email was answered and my search was over. I live in Virginia and the puppy in Pennsylvania my husband could only laugh, but with him knowing how picky I am when it comes to my fur babies he understood.

I have purchased dogs from several other breeders in my day… but this was the best experience by far with a breeder, Laura was knowledgeable (cause even when I think I know it all, I find I can always learn) and answered all my questions with no hesitation and even after I picked Legend up she was right there to continue answering my, sometimes silly question. The most important part, Legend was one healthy and happy boy…

Legend is the best, he has an outstanding personality, and sometimes a bit hard headed but that’s to be expected.. he is curious and very loving… The hardest part is going out with him.. No,.. Legend is no trouble but a 20 minute trip to the store takes us an hour because of all the awww, and can I pet him, and where did you get him he’s beautiful… holds us up, but we don’t mind.

Thank you so much for my baby Laura, he is an absolute doll and I cannot express what you have given to me… I love my Legend.. Thanks again..”

Wendy Virginia

“In 2011 we bought a home that had a big yard. My kids said that it would be a waste of space if we don’t have dogs. So the search began. We have been looking at all the different breeds out there and we decided to get a Siberian Husky. We looked for local breeders but they never responded. Then we found Lauradales. We couldn’t be more happier that we picked them. I contacted them via email and she was quick to respond. It was perfect timing because Juno was ready to deliver. So when our Tyrion was born we got pics every 2 – 3 weeks until we could go and pick him up. It was a long 5 hour drive to get him in the snow but it was so worth it. We got him home and everyone just absolutely fell in love with him. About 1 month later we decided to get another boy named Renly. And we fell in love again with him. Renly and Tyrion and the best dogs we have EVER had. They are loving, playful, obedient, they love to cuddle and all around great dogs. IF we decide to get another Siberian we are definitely going to go back to Lauradales Siberians. My boys came from a great breeder who takes time and takes care of her dogs. Tyrion and Renly are not just dogs but they are my kids. We absolutely love them. Thank you Laura!!!”

Nancy Virginia

“While searching for a dog, I had decided on one breed and one breed only, the Siberian Husky.  I was looking for a reputable breeder who I knew I could trust.  I got nothing short of that with Lauradale’s.  Not only do they take wonderful care of the dogs they breed, but they also like to be sure their puppies are going to responsible homes with people who will love them forever.  Lauradale’s answered any questions I had in a timely fashion and offer nothing but the best when it comes to Siberian Huskies.  They truly know and care about the breed.  I got my Bailey from Lauradale’s in 2010 and she has brought me nothing but joy every single day.  Her temperament is outstanding, she was the easiest dog to house train, completely loving around children and does not have a mean bone in her body.  If you are looking for huskies with wonderful blood lines, remarkable temperament and a breeder who is completely professional, knowledgeable and truly cares about the breed, do not look any further than Lauradale’s!”

Stephanie Pennsylvania

“We love our Siberian Husky Koda! Koda came from the Lauradale family, and is totally amazing!!! Everyone we see stops to comment on how great he is, what a good temperament he has, and how striking his features are. When our family started researching breeders we weren’t sure we wanted to drive all the way from Indiana. But after talking with a few breeders closer and then talking to Lauradale’s, we were convinced! Their family is very knowledgeable on the breed and helped us with all the questions we had so we could get everything set up. When the day came to pick up our Koda bear, everything was organized and she went over all the paperwork with us so we knew how to register him and what we needed to do for his next set of shots and de-wormings. Koda is in excellent health and is a great boy! We are so glad we had the opportunity to get a puppy from an excellent breeder!”

The Hammond Family Indiana

All testimonials on this page were written by previous puppy owners, about their Lauradale’s Siberian.  If these testimonials appear on any other page, they have been stolen.