Lauradale’s Siberian Husky Show Results: April 04/25 – 04/27


Lauradale’s Siberian Husky Show Results

We  had a blast this past weekend with our Siberians! We attended the COBRA/TNT 3 day UKC show in Biglerville, Pa.

Lauradale's Siberian Husky Show Results

We took 4 of our Siberians to show – Joker, Moleigh, Tink, and Roman.   Greige went along for the ride, because she will be old enough to start showing soon, and we decided to take Token along, because although he is a sweet, wonderful boy, he still isn’t thrilled with huge crowds, and we want him to get more at ease with the whole experience.

Greige loved it, and along with Token, was able to spend time on the table, ringside, and walking around the grounds meeting new people and dogs.   She actually got upset when she had to stay in her crate during ring time, because she wanted to be in the ring with everyone else.  =)

This was our first 3 day show, and we went into it hoping for ring experience, and possibly a few wins.    What we received was astounding!

Friday Show 1:

Roman – Best Male

Moleigh – Best Female, Best of Winners, Best of Breed, and Group 4

Joker – Champion of Champions

Thank you to judge Debby Kay for putting up our 3 Siberians for these wins! We could not believe our crazy little red head beat Joker in the Best of Breed ring, but Moleigh was really on her “A game” Friday, and so was my cousin Elizabeth, who did an excellent job handling her!


Friday Show 2:

Roman –  Best male, Best of Winners, Best of Breed, Group 3

Tink – Best Female

Joker – Reserve Champion

Thank you to Judge Earl Acker for putting up Roman, Tink, and Joker for these wins!  Of course, the judges do not know the dogs and don’t know their history, but these wins finished both Roman and Tink’s UKC championships, pending approval from UKC!


Saturday & Sunday, we moved both Tink and Roman up to the champion class, where they competed with Joker and several other Siberians.  For those who don’t know, the champion class is only for dogs who have finished their UKC championships, and they are competing for legs towards their UKC Grand Championship title.    Since we had 3 dogs in the ring at one and only 2 handlers, I enlisted the help of a few friends that I had met at previous shows to help me handle our Sibes in the Champion class.   Thank you to Dave & Evelyn for you help!


Saturday Show 1:

Moleigh – Best Female, Best of Winners

Thank you Judge Marilyn O’Neill!


Saturday Show 2:

Moleigh – Best Female, Best of Winners

Joker – Champion of Champions, Best of Breed, Group 2

Thank you to Judge Rowdy Yates for putting up Moleigh for her win, and for the wonderful wins for Joker!


Sunday Show 1:

Moleigh – Best Female, Best of Winners

Joker – Reserve Champion

Thank you to Judge Joan Anselm for putting up both Moleigh and Joker for these wins!



Sunday Show 2:

Moleigh – Best Female, Best of Winners

Joker – Champion of Champions, Best of Breed, and Group 1

Thank you to Judge Klaus Anselm for putting up Moleigh, and for the amazing wins and Group 1 placement for Joker and I!


Lauradale's Siberian Husky Show Results

Sunday, Joker & I made it to the Best in Show ring for the first time!  This is such a huge achievement for both of us! I have only been handling for 1 year, on a very limited basis, and Joker (along with all my other Sibes in the ring now) is a bred by boy!   Getting to the BIS ring for anyone is a great moment… and doing it with my bred by, as a breeder/owner/handler, was amazing.    While we didn’t take BIS or Reserve BIS, Joker showed beautifully, and there is no “losing” after a Group 1.  We were able to share the spotlight with 6 other gorgeous dogs.

Congratulations to ALL the winners!   No, we didn’t win every single class, but when we lost, we lost to some beautiful Siberians where were very deserving of the win.  Thank you to all 6 Judges as well!



Lauradale's Siberian Husky Show ResultsFor those who don’t understand how this works, each dog needs a total of 100 points to earn a UKC championship.  Along with these points, at least 3 of the wins need to be under 3 different Judges, and they need to be competition wins.   For Grand Championship legs, you need to be competing in a class of 3 or more dogs, and you need 5 Champion of Champion wins under 5 different Judges.  These rules keep people from following around one Judge who they know personally or who they know likes their dogs, and it keeps dogs from winning a title unless they have competed against other dogs.

Pending UKC approval, Roman and Tink both finished their UKC championships Friday!    Moleigh now has all the points required to finish, and just needs a final competition win.    Joker, along with his Breed and Group wins, received 2 legs towards his Grand Championship this weekend as well!

We decided to do win photos of Joker and Moleigh, since Roman and Tink just had win pics done a few weeks ago. =)   Will upload those when they get back from the photographer! In the meantime, enjoy the photos of our ribbonage!

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Lauradale's Siberian Husky Show Results Lauradale's Siberian Husky Show ResultsLauradale's Siberian Husky Show Results  


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