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I recently had someone contact me about reserving a puppy, and after I explained that I do require a deposit and the deposit is non-refundable, they got upset with me. Their reasoning? Because they didn’t want to “commit” to a puppy from me, in case they saw another one they liked while they were waiting. I didn’t bother to continue their interviewing process, simply told them that I didn’t feel one of my puppies would fit their family and wished them luck in their puppy search.

My reason for this? Each and every puppy is raised as a part of my family. We nurture them, hug them, kiss them, spoil them, play with them, bathe them, clean up after them, feed them, make sure they receive proper socialization and health care, and so much more. They are our furry newborn children. Each puppy is deeply loved by us.

When I consider a family for placement, I do have an interview process. I have a puppy application, I ask questions, and I try to get to know the family. I try not to be intrusive, and my application is not as intrusive as many breeders. But when I am considering placing a baby that we have loved and cared for all its life with a new family, I want to feel comfortable that family can properly care for this puppy and provide it with the love and attention it needs & deserves.

When a puppy is born here, we have committed ourselves to that puppy, for the duration of its life. Not just until it goes to its new family. If a potential new owner cannot commit to waiting a few weeks until a puppy is ready to go home with them, how am I to trust them to commit to this puppy for it’s entire lifetime; Through puppy stages, potty training, vet care, or even as an adult when the “puppy cuteness” has been outgrown?

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