Snow fun

We always get a lot of snow here in Somerset!   Somerset is located in the mountians of Pennsylvania, so it is always colder here than in surrounding areas.   In 2010, we had horrible storms in February. In one night received roughly 4 feet of snow!  These photos were taken during the process of digging our house & kennel out the next morning.  Luckily for us, we knew the storm was coming and blocked off all the doggy doors in our kennel, so the Sibes had to stay inside during the storm. Although they were not happy about us doing so, it was good we did! As you scroll, you can see photos of not only the sibes playing in the drifts the next morning, but also photos we took before we stared the process of digging out the outside runs of the kennel.  Keep in mind our fencing is 6 feet high.  Yikes!

gallery pic 1 gallery pic 5 gallery pic 2 mystic 02-05-10 3 mystic 02-05-10 4snow 02-05-10 9snow 02-05-10 5snow 02-05-10 4snow 02-05-10 3snow 02-05-10 2snow 02-05-10 1snow 02-05-10 18snow 02-05-10 10snow 02-05-10 12

piper 9snow kennel 02-28-10 3snow kennel 02-28-10 2

Our fencing is 6 feet high, and the peak of the kennel roof is 14 feet.


Winter 2013 – 2014: The snow fun continues!

DSC08957DSC08966DSC08967DSC08968sibes playing 7sibes playing 3moleigh & joker 1domino & tink 3 DSC08868 piper & domino jan 14 6 roman & token jan 14 5 rozlin & steel jan 14 1Lauradale's Siberians - Siberian Huskies