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Agouti Siberian Husky Genetics

agouti siberian husky genetics In November of 2013, we were contacted by Dr. Sheila Schmutz of the University of Saskatchewan with a request to provide DNA to help further her study on agouti Siberian Husky genetics.   As Dr. [...]

Our Photoshoot with Glessner Photography!

Busy week! Joker took Reserve Winners Dog out of the Bred By Exhibitor class both days last weekend! I'm pretty pleased with those results, especially considering that Joker is in the middle of blowing [...]

Portrait Photography by Glessner Photography in Collaboration with Lauradale’s Siberians

Yesterday was a very fun, exciting day for us here at Lauradale's Siberians! Our agouti Siberian Husky, Rozlin, was featured in a portrait photography session with Glessner Photography! This session has [...]