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Lauradale’s Siberian Husky Puppy Breeder In Pa

Lauradale's Siberian Husky Puppy Breeder In Pa   Amid our busy show schedule this summer, we did some research and decided to purchase a new camera.   Yay!   I've been wanting to get a new [...]

Lauradale’s Siberians Show Results

Lauradale's Siberians Show Results Weekend of March 22nd & 23rd. What an awesome weekend Lauradale's Siberians had in the show ring!  We went out this weekend mainly as a "practice" event. We took [...]

When you spend too much time with Siberian Huskies…

When you spend too much time with Siberian Huskies... When you spend too much time with Siberian Huskies... Thought I would share some of the things I catch myself doing at times.    This is how you know you are a more of a "dog person" than a "people [...]

New Siberian Husky Puppy

Our New Siberian Husky Puppy Meet Greige Isn't she gorgeous?   Meet Greige, our beautiful new Siberian Husky puppy! Greige is from our 2013 litter between Dancer & Steel. So, wondering what is up [...]

Siberian Huskies In Cold Weather

Siberian Huskies in cold weather Siberian Huskies in cold weather So, with frigid temperatures this past week, I've been seeing a lot of posts about bringing your dogs inside.   "If you're cold, they're cold." While this is true for many [...]

Siberian Husky Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays

Siberian Husky Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays Lauradale's Siberians would like to wish you a Very Merry Christmas & A Happy Holiday Season!  Please feel free to share these adorable cards [...]

Available Siberian Husky Puppies

We currently have two gorgeous litters of available Siberian Husky puppies!   Siren & Token's litter is 2 weeks old now, and Dancer & Steel's litter was just born early this morning!  We [...]

Siberian Husky Puppies Available For Adoption

Nursery - Available Siberian Husky Puppies Upcoming Litter - Siberian Husky Puppies Available For Adoption   We are very pleased to announce that we are expecting a beautiful litter of Siberian Husky puppies out of Dancer & Steel! These [...]

Siberian Husky Breeder in Pennsylvania – Meet Gemini!

Look at this gorgeous Siberian Husky! Meet Gemini! This little lady has the "classic" Siberian Husky look that I have found people most associate with the breed:  Black & white, blue eyes. Gemini is [...]

Siberian Husky Puppies, Moleigh & Tink

Meet Moleigh & Tink!   They would like to greet you and welcome you to our blog!  Moleigh & Tink are sisters from an April 2013 litter between Saffron & Steel. Both are show prospects that [...]