The Gentlemen

Click on the name above each picture to view more photos, descriptions, and pedigree information. Not every male on this page is being used for breeding. Some are younger pups that we are growing out to see how they mature, and some are retired and are simply our family pets. None of these Siberians are for sale.

IMPORTANT: We are no longer using PawVillage to place our pedigrees online for public viewing! Recently I discovered many of our pedigrees have been tampered with and falsified. Apparently the staff allows anyone to alter the pedigrees with no proof of ownership. They refuse to allow me to change them back. Please note that any pedigree found on PawVillage has been falsified. Please contact me directly for correct pedigree information!


                           UKC CH MAKS                                                                                                                                                  KONRAD  

Lauradale's Siberian Husky Puppy Breeder In Pa                                                                                 Lauradale's Siberian Husky Puppy Breeder In Pa

                                ROOK                                                                                                                                               CAN/GER CH BRUCE

Rook 15                                                                               Lauradale's Siberian Husky Puppy Breeder In Pa

                                         UKC ptd DRAVEN                                                                                                            MRBOHBIS UKC GRCH AKC ptd JOKER

   Lauradale's Siberian Husky Puppy Breeder In Pa                                                                            joker cobra-tnt april 2014

                         UKC CH ROMAN                                                                                                                                  CR JR CH JIRO

Roman ccdtc win pic 1                                                                                Jiro 8


Bred By Lauradale’s Siberians:



Djoi 4