Waiting List Policies


Waiting List Policies:


Anyone on the waiting list with approved full registration gets top pick of all litters along with myself.


I do require a $200 non-refundable deposit to be placed on my waiting list. Certain litters may have closed waiting lists, meaning that none of the puppies are available (even to deposit holders) to be reserved until further notice.   This is a rare occasion, but does happen from time to time if I am holding a litter back for evaluation to decide if I will be keeping a puppy from it, and which puppy I will be keeping. As breeder, I reserve top pick of every litter and reserve the right to close a waiting list for a certain litter if I feel the need to.

Once I know I have an upcoming litter, those on my waiting list will be notified. Picks will then be given in the order deposits were received. Some deposit holders may be “skipped” over if they are not ready for a puppy at that time, or are not interested in a puppy from those parents. If there is not a puppy you want from that litter, or there are not enough puppies for everyone to choose one, any remaining deposit holders would be moved up on the waiting list and would get to pick from my next litter whenever it is born.

Deposit holders are given 1 week to pick their puppy. This means that the person who has 1st pick would have until the litter was 1 week old, 2nd pick would have until the litter was 2 weeks old, and so on. If the person ahead of you on the waiting list would pick their puppy right away, then you would still have 1 week from that date to pick your puppy, meaning if 1st pick chose their puppy at 1 day old, 2nd pick would have until the litter was 8 days old to pick their puppy. Basically, you would have 1 week from the date  the person in front of you picked their puppy to pick yours. Failure to decide or choose a puppy within the 1 week time frame given will result in forfeit of your pick spot for the litter until all other deposit holders have picked.   We do not “switch” deposits once they are placed on a certain puppy, so keep in mind that when you place your deposit on a puppy, if you change your mind later, that deposit will be forfeited.

Please note that deposits are non-refundable.  Deposits will be accepted if a certain coat color is desired, however deposits cannot be placed if a certain eye color is required. I do not breed for blue eyed Siberians, and very rarely have blue eyed Siberians available. In addition, eye color cannot be determined until 4 – 5 weeks of age.

In regards to AKC limited registration (PET ONLY) or AKC full registration (breeding & showing rights), Full registration MUST be approved BEFORE a deposit is placed. After a deposit is placed with the intention of getting AKC limited registration, there is no guarantee that breeding rights will be approved if the deposit holder changes their mind, as not every puppy will be available with breeding rights. This depends on conformation, pedigree, and show potential of the puppy, along with the willingness of the deposit holder to abide by our rules for placing pups with Full Registration.   I don’t give out breeding rights to just  anybody, in order to maintain not only my lines, but the integrity of the breed.  At this time, only responsible breeders and those interested in showing their puppy will be approved for AKC Full Registration.