When you spend too much time with Siberian Huskies…

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When you spend too much time with Siberian Huskies…

Thought I would share some of the things I catch myself doing at times.    This is how you know you are a more of a “dog person” than a “people person”.   =)

When you spend too much time with Siberian Huskies...

1. When talking about your husband or the father of your children, you refer to him as “the sire”.

2. When receiving or viewing a photo of someone’s children, you don’t say “You have such a cute baby” or “Wow, he/she looks just like you”.   Your responses are more along the lines of “Wow, I can’t wait to see how he/she matures!” “Nice movement!” “Look at that head!” “What is the lineage on him/her?”    (Yes, this will earn you some very crazy looks, until people realize “Oh, you’re that dog lady”).

3. If your children are misbehaving, you reprimand them using the dog’s name.  “Joker, I told you to sit down and eat your dinner!”

4. You find yourself calling snacks such as goldfish or gummies “treats” or “bait”. When you spend too much time with Siberian Huskies...

5. When praising your child, you use something along the lines of “Who’s mommy’s good boy/girl? Who’s a good boy/girl?”

6. The shopping list for your Siberian Husky is longer than the one for your human family.

7. You go out with friends and find yourself thinking about your Siberian Husky. “I really should be home bathing Tink tonight.”

8. The contacts in your phone are listed under their dog’s name, not their own name. Because in all honesty, you will most likely remember their dog before your remember their name.

9. When posed with the task of buying you a gift, your friends don’t bother asking what you want. They just start searching for anything to do with Siberian Huskies.

10. You spend so much time outside in the cold weather with your Siberian Husky that you find it doesn’t really effect you much anymore.  “What? It’s 10 degrees outside? That can’t be right, I’m in shorts and not cold at all.”

11. You talk to your dogs… Like, all the time. You carry on complete conversations with them and find nothing strange about it. When someone mentions it, you give them a blank stare… “I thought EVERYONE did that…”


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